Celebrating another International Port Wine Day

January 27th is once again marked by the worldwide celebration of a true national icon: Port Wine. The International Port Wine Day initiative was created in 2012 by the north-american institution Center for Wine Origins, of which the Port and Douro Wines Institute is part.

Port Wine is a fortified wine produced exclusively from grapes from the Demarcated Region of the Douro. Despite being produced with Douro grapes and stored in the cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia, this drink became known as “Port Wine” from the second half of the 17th century onwards because it was exported all over the world from this city.

What makes Port Wine different from other wines, in addition to the unique climate, is the fact that the fermentation of the wine is interrupted by the addition of wine brandy. Thus, Port Wine is naturally sweet and stronger than other wines.

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